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ArcTap is a fast paced android game with top-down view, unique mechanics and one touch controls.

You are playing as a ball/circle shaped object, which always moves and turns to the left or right. By tapping on the screen you can change the direction. This mechanic allows you to move where you want. The goal is to get to the portal without hitting any borders/obstacles. ArcTap has many different levels with different obstacles on them. Including drift mode!

Currently demo is avaialable for everyone.

Work in progress!

Just updated graphics!

Before and After:

Preview 1

Preview 2

Full version features:

No ads- truly free.

Has ingame store with player models.

Unlockable models avaialable for every player.

Hidden/bonus model avaialable for every player.

Drift mode.

60+ different levels.

Full free version coming soon.

Check more info at slidedb or gameiki.

Also you can follow developers on twitter.

Feel free to comment and share thoughts.

Here is a browser version. [use mouse buttons to control](might be laggy, try refreshing, or wait a bit and try later)

Available on


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Nice game, and i will review this game in my blog :3 this game can make me angry bro ahahah

Wow Thank You Sir! I really appreciate it! Full version should be really awesome. Currently working on improving graphics.

Hey. Just launched a new game. Take a look if you are interesed: Link

I think I found a glitch. In the demo you linked in the comments at least.

Say you are turning clockwise. If you hold the left arrow key, you will go straight until you let go. Counterclockwise if you hold right you go straight.

Thank you for pointing that out! It is supposed to be a mobile game with just touching screen controls. No arrow keys input. Oops.

Hey. Just launched a new game. Take a look if you are interesed: Link

It seems to me really interesting. Neat. I would like to test a version on WebPlayer or as an executable for Windows. Could it possible?

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Yes, you can here. If it doesnt load, try refreshing or wait a little.

I played one hour and I liked. Music is so quiet. The physics is really good with a prompt response on each click. The game seems too hard at start and I have needed to focus on the right direction. After a few minutes, it becomes more clear and enjoyable. However I think you need start the movement of the ball after a first click because it's really frustrating to launch immediately the ball after a respawn. This is my point of view. I wish you the best ++

Hey. Just launched a new game. Take a look if you are interesed: Link